Maxi Eyes By SpectroFlex

Revolution of Color Contact Lens

From the initial function of contact lens for the sake of convenience, until today, the contact lens can be worn by consumers for the the sake of beauty. Thanks to the innovation of advance technology, color contact lens have been created. With only a pair of thin lens, wearer may own a pair of blue or amber color pupil. Thereafter, lenses which enlarges wearer's corneal had been created. With this kind of lens, wearers could own a pair of "big and watery" eyes. It was popular and became a trend among females consumers. Nowadays, color contact lens had been categorized as one of the elements of trendy fashion. This could be another option for you if you want to stay ahead in the pace of fashion. Eyewear could be considered as the latest benchmark for the fashion trend nowadays together with make-up, clothing, footwear and leather goods.


The Infinite Possibilities Of Future Trend

In the past, contact lens were meant for wearers to see things clearly; but now, color contact lenses are created and used to grab other's attention to the wearer's window of the soul. Color contact lens is not just inserted the element of color aesthetics, but also the element of personalized graphic. This is also a huge innovation on the material and functions of contact lens. Silicone-hydrogel has been used to provide comfort. Meanwhile, we also educate consumers on how to choose the most suitable product for themselves, which is the contact lens that can protect their eyes without losing their convenience.


Silicone-Hydrogel Lens: The Future Trend Of Contact Lens

Silicon-Hydrogel lenses are the perfect combination of the permeability of silicone, soft and comfortable to wear of hydrogel. By combining these 3 advantages above, it had improved the weakness of traditional contact lens where the lenses could easily cause dry eyes and eye hypoxia. The silicone-hydrogel contact lens also suitable for long time wearing because of its high oxygen permeability and eye corneal protection. A special round and smooth edge design could effectively reduce the friction between lens and conjunctiva and increase the flow of tears to make the contact lens more comfortable to wear. In order to increase the visual quality, aspheric design had been chosen, it allows the wearer to wear it more comfortably.